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Our Story


Our Story

Why We Did It.

Our entire journey began from a simple problem: We couldn't find any men's products on the market that we wanted to use ourselves.

We use technology to enhance nature, not replace it.

Mason & Birch

During the Renaissance, Masons were far more than bricklayers. They were Architects and Engineers of their time. They used what they found in nature and elevated it using the best that technology had to offer.

Our name is a nod to everyone who lives to work with how nature works, rather than substituting it with technology, we can enhance it using technology.


Nature Elevated By Technology: That's our mission

We're out to show the world that technology isn't always a better substitute for Nature. We're sustainable, and we care about the environment. 


We're out to prove to the world that humanity can provide top-tier quality skincare and still do it in a way that agrees with Nature.

A product that works the way you do.

Men don't want a hundred steps to clean. That's why we developed our body wash to be versatile: You can use it as a shampoo, face wash, body wash, and even as a shave soap.